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Privacy Policy

○We will always strive to protect your privacy while taking into account the importance of protecting Personal Information while complying with laws and ordinances related to protecting Personal Information as well as this Privacy Policy.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information refers to information related to the individual such as name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, occupation, birth date, gender, access log, credit card number, bank account information, which one or a combination of multiple pieces of these pieces of information can be used to identify the individual.

How do we use Personal Information?

Personal Information such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number are requested on the Order Form and Member Registration Form.
This information is collected in order to properly deliver products according to your requests and will never be used for other purposes or disclosed to others for purposes other than those listed below without your permission.
  • ・Delivering order confirmation e-mails
  • ・Delivering products
  • ・Warranties and providing warranty services (including items such as inquiries from the customer)
  • ・Registering for informational e-mails from this Shop
  • ・Other actions necessary for the trade of products on this Shop
  • ・Data analysis (such as analyzing buyer data)
  • ・Informing of new products and new services as well as conducting surveys
Payment information such as credit card numbers, account transfer records will only be used for usage charges and confirmation.
Additionally, Personal Information will be used with external package carriers and credit card companies for delivering products and online credit card payments.
Information necessary for delivery such as your name and mailing address will be shared between us and contractors, however your Personal Information will never be shared with contractors for reasons other than providing this Service.
Credit card numbers and their expiration dates are managed between the you and the credit card company, and we will not acquire or record this information.
This also applies to Personal Information that our employees may request when assisting with orders via telephone, and this Personal Information will never be used or shared with others for purposes other than those listed above.

Collecting information via posts to forums by the you and e-mails

The opinions and reviews received on our Contact Form will never be used for other purposes or disclosed to a third party without your permission.
However, we do ask for your understanding as we might share your opinion on our website or in our mail magazine, but in a way that does not disclose your Personal Information.
Additionally, please rest assured that Personal Information other than your handle name will never be disclosed without your permission in other cases as well.

Information collected through Customer Support/customer inquiries

We employ specialized staff for receiving and directly answering inquiries, opinions via e-mail and telephone.
We will do our best to read your messages and get back to you as quickly as possible but do ask for your understanding as we may take a few days to respond if a message requires consultation or investigation.
Additionally, information which includes the content of inquiries received in this manner will only be used for addressing opinions and questions.
We will never use information such as your e-mail address, name for any other purpose or disclose this information to a third party without your permission.

Using information for other purposes

Other Personal Information collected on this Site will never be used for uses other than those stated without your consent.
We will stop using information for uses other than the purposes we first stated if we seem to be doing so and you contact us.
However, please note that this includes but is not limited to the cases stated below.
  • ・If the courts or other judicial branches as well as administrative bodies has requested for us to disclose information related to you under law.
  • ・If it is necessary to protect our rights and assets and those of associated companies, other customers or a third party.
  • ・In order for us or associated companies to avoid trouble or damages due to a dispute between you and other customers or a third party.

Procedure for confirming and correcting Personal Information, confirming the individual

You can confirm details as well as correct the information you registered on this Site by logging in with your login ID and password. Additionally, we may change or restrict which Personal Information can be confirmed or corrected. This will be indicated on this Site.

Using Cookies

This site uses cookies for its shopping cart feature. The shopping cart cannot be used if you disable cookies.
Cookies are a type of data stored on your hard drive and contains information about you but we do not use cookies to collect unnecessary information.
Please enable cookies in your browser settings if you wish to use the shopping cart feature on this site.

Security Safety Measures

This Site uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer) for transmitting data which is an industry-wide standard encryption format in order to protect the Personal Information of our customers from being illegally accessed.
Additionally, we are making efforts to prevent the external illegal access and leaking of information through the use of Firewalls, which is a type of security system.

Linking with other sites

This Site may contain links to external websites.
We are in no way related to the Privacy Policy provided on other sites.
When leaving this Site, we ask that you read the information regarding collecting Personal Information and privacy of other sites.
The information on this Site related to the handling of privacy only applies to this Site.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We will regularly review and revise services on this Site. As such, the Privacy Policy may be updated.
We will provide notification of any important changes to the Privacy Policy on this Site.