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About Us

So, who is Shonen Ric?

We are an official online seller and manufacturer for popular character and franchise figures, such as Godzilla, Dragon Ball, Ultraman, as well as many others.
We have many limited edition items that you can only buy through our online shop.
*Unfortunately, some of on the items available on our domestic store cannot be ordered from overseas due to licensing restrictions.

Our Line-up

Below is a list of series and collections available on our X-Plus Shonen Ric (Ric-Boy) website.

  • The Large Monster Series and 30cm Series

    We have brought a number of heroes and Kaiju monsters out of film and transformed them into accurate 3D figures based on the actual suits worn by actors during filming.

    We have a largely varied lineup ranging from popular characters to hidden Easter eggs that will make true fans dance with joy. 

    *We also have a few other spin-off series such as:
    ・TOHO Large Monster Series
    ・TOHO 30cm Series 

    *All figures range from 20-30cm tall.

  • The GIGANTIC Series

    Standing over 40cm (15 inches) tall, the entire lineup from this series features hyper-realistic, detailed figures with great presence.
    This series is not limited to Tokusatsu(Special Effects) movie characters and has figures origination from various places such as anime (Dragon Ball) as well as video games (Mega Man).

    *We have a few other spin-off series such as the “Gigantic Neo“ series.

    *Figures range from 30 to 50cm tall.

  • The DefoReal Series

    Realistic, yet simple. This series features small. yet very detailed figures. All figures from this series are made in Chibi-style, with their proportions being 2.5 heads tall
    From Gozilla to characters from Dragon Ball and even Masked Rider (Kamen Rider), you can find many of your favorite characters in cute form in this series!

    *Spin-offs include series such as the “DefoReal Piggy Bank” series.

    *Figures range from 10-16cm tall.

  • The Real Master Collection

    A collection of high-end figures based on Tokusatu(Special Effects) movie heroes and Kajiu monsters. The Real Master Collection, sometimes shortened as RMC, consists of figures made from polyester resin to minimize differences from original models. The heavy feel, attention to detail and the dedicated display stand makes figures from this collection a high-end luxury item to add to your own collection.

    *Some spin-off series include series such as:

    ・Real Master Collection Plus

    ・Gigantic Series Real Master Collection

    *Figures range from 20-50cm tall.

Limited and Exclusive items

Some of the figures listed on our store have “Exclusive” and “Limited” tags.

“Exclusive” items are only available to order from our store, and there are no other versions available for sale at other domestic stores. 
“Limited” items are also only available to order from our store, but normal editions will be widely available domestically as well as internationally in some cases.

*We may occasionally collaborate with other websites as well to sell “Exclusive” and “Limited” items.