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Information regarding Shonen RIC's system update

Thank you for your continued support toward the Shonen RIC site.
On this occassion, to provide convinience improvement, Shonen RIC site have a system update.

※There will not be any changes in the top page URL (domain), or need of re-registering for the membership necessary.
※Membership information and purchasing history will be taken over to the updated site.

〇Changes brought from the upgrade

1. In order to purchase, membership registeration and a login for the Shonen RIC will be must.
After the update, ordering without logging in will not be a possible thing.

2. Ordering the same product multiple times with a sum overing the maximum will not be possible anymore.
A number of order possible will be set per product. Making an order beyond the limit set cannot be done.
For example, if 2 pieces are ordered for the product limited to 2 per person, additional order will not be accepted.

3. In the product category "Scheduled Delivery Month" will be added.
Items selling and shipping will be more viewable than before.
※Selling and shipping schedule might change without notice. As this is not a uncommon thing, please understand beforehand.

4. DHL has been added to the available carriers.
Please refer to the table available on the order page for the shipping rates (based on weight, size and destination).

Due to the update, partial pages and url might change.
If our site is listed as "Favorite" or "Bookmark", access will be denied. We apologize for the inconvinience.
Again, thank you for your continued support toward the Shonen RIC site. We will continue to do our best to bring the best service.

Shonen RIC