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Godzilla(1955) Osaka Castle Diorama Set

Godzilla(1955) Osaka Castle Diorama Set

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Godzilla from Godzilla Raids Again (released in 1955) rampages its way into the DefoReal series and comes with a diorama set inspired by the scenes seen in the film! 


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Godzilla from Godzilla Raids Again (released in 1955) rampages its way into the DefoReal series and comes with a diorama set inspired by the scenes seen in the film!

The Godzilla model itself has been colorized based on the black and white version in the film and even includes a newly modeled diorama stand inspired by the impressive Osaka Castle found in the scene where Godzilla and Anguirus went head-to-head in a battle to the death!

You can also find an engraving depicting the intense battle between Godzilla and Aguirus on the back of the stand.

Having the Godzilla model and stand together on your shelf will let onlookers feel as if they’re witnessing the battle as it takes place!

Be sure to get your hands on this 1955 Godzilla that has been shrunk down to fit in the palm of your hand!

More Information
More Information
Product Type complete painted figure
Product Dimensions GodzillaGodzilla (including diorama) Length:approx.16㎝ Height:approx. 15㎝ Depth:approx. 13㎝
Box Contents Body:1 Diorama:1
Materials Body, Diorama:PVC・ABS
Additional Information [Maximum order quantity] 2 pieces *Up to 1 piece per order For ages 15 and up Manufactured by PLEX *The image is taken from the development stage of the figure. The finished product may look different from the picture. *Coloring of the figure is done by hand. There may be small scratches, a difference in color, and unevenness. *The package is for protection of the figure. There may be cases where the package receives minor damages during the transportation, such as scratches and stains. *This item is exclusive to sale on Shonen Ric. *This item is limited in supply. We may stop accepting pre-order early if we receive the maximum number for the pre-order. *Please note that in a case of high popularity, we may adjust the release date and accept more pre-order. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.