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PINKY CYCLOP is back!?

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Meet PINKY CYCLOP (ssp.)!

PINKY CYCLOP first came across him on a phony Shonen-RIC site while killing some time with some casual net surfing.
He might look quite similar to the already discovered PINKY CYCLOP, but his hands and feet feature a deeper pink hue and a slightly different eye color.
The good news is that he seemed to be quite friendly when we had him meet PINKY CYCLOP face to face!
It is still unclear how SPACE CYCLOP multiple but these two could be related perhaps?

Which makes us wonder, maybe there are subspecies of other SPACE CYCLOP as well?
We’ll continue investigating and let you all know of our findings!

This... somehow different PINKY CYCLOP that made an appearance on April Fools has somehow made its way to actually becoming available for preorder!
The shoulders and hips are rotatable, so you can rotate them around and play with them in a variety of poses!

What is a Space Cyclop?

Space Cyclop is one of X PLUS’s original characters that first made its debut as a soft-vinyl figure in 2009.
The Space Cyclop are a race of parasitic extraterrestrials that hail from a mysterious planet and have the peculiar ability to take over any object.
Once taken over by a Space Cyclop, its host dons a singular eye.
Are they enemies of mankind? Are they allies? One thing is for certain, they are a monster shrouded in mystery!

More Information
More Information
Product Type complete painted figure
Product Dimensions Height: approx.21cm Length : approx.21cm
Box Contents PINKY CYCLOP (ssp.):1
Materials PVC
Additional Information [Maximum order quantity] 2 pieces For ages 15 and up *The image is taken from the development stage of the figure. The finished product may look different from the picture. *Coloring of the figure is done by hand. There may be small scratches, a difference in color, and unevenness. *The package is for protection of the figure. There may be cases where the package receives minor damages during the transportation, such as scratches and stains. *This product is limited to a maximum of 2 items per person. Orders may be cancelled if we discover multiple orders using different accounts or names but have the same address. *We cannot change the shipping address to a name different from the individual making the purchase. *This item is exclusive to sale on Shonen Ric. *We may stop accepting pre-order early if we receive the maximum number for the pre-order. *Please note that in a case of high popularity, we may adjust the release date and accept more pre-order. *We cannot change the payment method after an order has been placed. Please understand this in advance. *Please note that the shipping date may change depending on the order status. ©2009 X・PLUS