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Space Cyclop has new friends! 

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Space Cyclop has new friends! 

X PLUS's own original soft vinyl character Space Cyclop now comes in two brand new colors!  

The two newest additions are the TOXIC CYCLOP in the badass purple color and the CORNY CYCLOP in the cute yellow color! We will introduce these wonderful characters with plenty of photos!  

Hailing from a mysterious planet, Space Cyclop is an extraterrestrial, 

parasitic being with ability to take over various objects. 

Once taken over by a Space Cyclop, its hosts don a singular eye.  

The eyes are painted with a shiny, reflective coating, bringing extra life and expression to the eye from many different angles.  

Another soft vinyl Space Cyclops! The shoulders and hips are rotatable, so you can move them around and set them in a variety of entertaining poses!  

This is your chance to win one of our new, limited-edition colors! Apply now and you could be one of the first to win! 

More Information
More Information
Product Type complete painted figure
Product Dimensions Height:approx.21㎝ Width:approx.21㎝
Box Contents Body:1
Materials PVC
Additional Information For ages 15 and up *The image is taken from the development stage of the figure. The finished product may look different from the picture. *Coloring of the figure is done by hand. There may be small scratches, a difference in color, and unevenness. *The package is for protection of the figure. There may be cases where the package receives minor damages during the transportation, such as scratches and stains. *This item is exclusive to sale on Shonen Ric. *Please note that the delivery schedule is subject to change depending on the status of your order. *This item is limited in supply. We may stop accepting pre-order early if we receive the maximum number for the pre-order. *Please note that in a case of high popularity, we may adjust the release date and accept more pre-order. * After payment is completed, we will ship in sequence. * We will ship the items in order after the payment is completed. ©2009 X・PLUS